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On exploring the D'ni cavern and removing a pile of fallen rocks you find a linking BookUru D'ni adventure under the debris. It looks old. It is dangerious to use, anyway, you take the risk and link... You arrive safely but not without problems: something has happened with your Relto bookUru D'ni adventure. It doesn't work, you have find out what to do before linking home. The ages are quite big and not without dead ends...



Try to find hotspots... some interactions have also been added - With these experimental pages I'd like to show that starting from scratch one can create a full Myst-like game using only what comes with the Windows and 1-2 freeware programs. Cookies must be enabled for this site, otherwise interactive playing will not work. Starting from this page the game settings are always reset. The images are quite big, 60-100 k or so in order to preserve quality, therefore broadband connection is an advantage. Tested for the IE and the Mozilla/Firefox browsers.

P.S. 13.10.2006: Some hints have been added at the entrance of the maze.

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