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This version of the Uru Glossary contains the items from Myst Online - Uru Live, 2007-2008, and the new revival, February 2010.

offline Uru ABM and TPOTS version    Fan created Ages

The currently available public Uru shards:

Cyan's official MOUL site

Gehn shard     Minkata Shard     The Open Cave shard     Open source shard list

In the latter two shards you can play on-line MOUL as well as the fan created Ages.

uru live,moulThere are several names, terms and expressions used in Uru (many of them originating from the slang of the early explorers), which are unknown to new adventurers. To help them we have created this brief glossary. We are aware that some spoiling is inevitable, however, we have tried to keep this to a minimum. Items in pink are basic terms in the game. Items in light green color are referred to as OOC.

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Apart from some basic information regarding the DRC and its members, Uru Glossary is not dealing with the IC RPG storyline in detail. You may read about those events in the Uru Live or other forums. As MOUL has practically become an "abandonware", no further maintanance of the content of this glossary is planned. Use it as it is.

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More additional info can be found in the archives of Guild of Greeters, D'ni Pedia Writers, MYSTlore wiki, Wikipedia (Myst franchise), Wikipedia (Uru), Uru Obsession, Myst wiki, The Guild of Archivists, Myst Ages, (and on many other sites as well). Bear in mind, however, that usually the more detailed the info the more you are spoiled.

Visual guide through URU Ages(with a few tips) here

The above list is obviously not full, it will be enhanced as the game evolves. We hope that it will help you in your Uru quest!

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