POV-Ray 3.7 – 3D cube image test

This is a spherical cube image, constructed from 6 images, corresponding the 6 sides of a cube.
Click (or touch) and drag to look around.
You can zoom in/out with the mouse wheel.

Basic rendering, without radiosity and media interaction, with an auxiliary light source at the camera. Everything looks OK.

Rendered with radiosity and media. Suprisingly, on rotating the image there are visible seams between the six cubic images. This means that the result of radiosity depends on the direction of the camera. The seems are always visible whatever parametrization is used.

The solution: rendering with 360 deg spherical camera in one go, then projected onto a sphere and cut to cubic images. No seams at all, looks perfect. Because of the second processing and 2x antialias, the image is a bit blurred in spite of that the first spherical picture was made with doubled resolution. For a detailed discussion consult the POV-Ray forum here.


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